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Why Sell with Us

Why Sell with Us

There is an art to selling a property and we pride ourselves on knowing what it takes to sell a home for the most money and in a short time frame. Make sure you do your homework before selling with a friend or an agent who you have seen around town! Check out their previous listings and make sure you would want to buy a home they are selling! We always go above and beyond for our clients and know that prepping and staging a home is invaluable. It could be the difference of a hundred thousand dollars or more! We also know pricing a home correctly the first time is paramount and one that can mean the difference between a home selling within the first ten days or being on the market for months!

Selling your home can seem like a daunting undertaking, but with Ashley and Doug by your side it will feel seamless. We are a Full Service Real Estate Team who will go above and beyond to help you prep, stage and list your home with the best strategies in place to get you the most money from your sale! We have our own arsenal of staging furniture in-house, which saves you thousands versus working with an agent who wants you to spend $10,000- 30,000 on staging! Plus, we will credit all our sellers out of pocket!

Photos and listing language matter so we have the best team in place to make sure your home looks great and your listing stands out! First impressions are everything, so if you have us on your side it can be the difference between $50,000-$100,000 in offers, how quickly it sells and if your home sells at all, especially in a buyers market! We also have the best digital marketing and social media strategies in place to get you the most eyeballs on your property! We leave no stone unturned and have amazing relationships with the top brokers and brokerages across the city!

Open Houses and showings are done by Doug and Ashley, not some assistant! We want to make sure the buyers know how special your home and neighborhood is! We are friendly faces to greet buyers and their agents to make sure they have a great first experience in your home!

Call or text us today to get a free home evaluation, hear our recommendations and find out how much we’ll discount our listing fees today! Ashley – 323.482.7290, Doug – 323.308.9494 or email us both at info(at)dmfrealty(dotted)com