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House Prep & Staging

House Prep & Staging What It Takes

Did you know white paint is the most effective color for selling a home for the most money? We promise, white fresh paint goes a long way and really helps modernize any space and make it feel clean and inviting for buyers to envision themselves living there. We have many tips and tricks to making sure your home is decluttered and shows the best when it’s time to photograph your home and tour buyers through.

Staging Is Worth It

We have seen time after time that staging is worth every penny, everytime! Homes always show the best when they are staged and styled with minimal, modern furniture and décor! We believe in staging so much that we will actually handle it all for you! 8 times out of 10 we will actually be able to stage and style your home for you without having to hire a staging company. If your home is already furnished or partially furnished, we will come in to guide you on what to keep and what to get rid of and then bring in our own furniture and décor to make your home pop! We can also guide you on making a few inexpensive purchases for staging vs having to pay a company to do your whole house! In some cases when a home is vacant or needs a lot of updates we will recommend an amazing staging company to come in to partially or fully stage your home, but we can help you with the costs!