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Strategic Offers & Negotiations

Strategic Offers & Negotiations

From the moment you tour a home the selling agent is probably sizing you and your agent up. “Is this person a good fit for the home, do they have a need, are they likely to close?” are all thoughts going through the agents heads when they meet prospective buyers. They are also judging you based on your agent. You need a professional who will not only submit an aggressive offer in a timely manner, but it also matters how the offer looks and if the agent follows directions on submitting the offer. As buyers agents we have a format to make you look serious and organized with a cover letter, family letter, proof of funds, pre-approval and contract all in one document. We also make sure to speak with the agents on your behalf to make sure they know we have an amazing client who is ready to close the deal if they accept our offer!

Our Strategies Are Proven and Effective

If you are competing with several offers we know how to make you stand out. We have ways to get aggressive with terms and will make sure you and your lender are on board with the best way to get an offer accepted.

Negotiation is Key

Negotiation actually starts before an offer is even submitted and every conversation between a buyer’s agent and seller’s agent matters. Make sure you have agents like Ashley and Doug making sure you don’t leave any money on the table and that your offer is top of mind to the sellers!