Los Angeles Buyer Representation

Douglas is a real estate expert, creative perfectionist, and loves to work for those accustomed to special attention.  As a licensed real estate broker with extensive experience in designing high-end construction projects, his knowledge allows him to provide exceptional service, and represent the fiduciary interest of his clients in an incomparable manor. Douglas is a strategic negotiator and extremely thorough when investigating prospective properties for purchase.

Ashley has an eye for what could be and is helpful talking through all the pros and cons of house buying every step of the way. She loves making clients feel comfortable with the process and explaining next steps so clients always feel prepared. Ashley is always in a good mood and is fun to work with. She also has an eye for style and can talk about ways to improve or design houses you are viewing.

As a homeowner themselves, Douglas and Ashley know that home ownership and decisions regarding preventative maintenance, home improvements, & home furnishings are decisions that you should not go at alone. Having an experienced liaison that you can trust to navigate you through the landmines is invaluable. Making the right or wrong decisions could mean the difference in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Douglas and Ashley are very hands-on during all phases of the real estate search/transaction and clients love working with them.

Doug and Ashley are committed to providing clients with the best buyer representation experience possible and believes that this approach has created and continues to create long-lasting relationships upon which we base our business. If you are considering buying a house in Los Angeles and are in need of representation, Douglas and Ashley should be considered in your interview process. Contact US today to see how we can help you find your next home!

Buyer Representation Services

There are many steps involved in buying real estate.  Doug and Ashley are here to guide you through the process.

  • Financial Aspects – Are you pre-approved for a loan yet? How much can you afford?
  • Property Search & Tours – We listen to your needs, and find you properties that meet your criteria. We are always there to tour you through them and advise you on what to look for.
  • Current Market Analysis – We do the research for you to get you the best value and save the most money when buying.
  • Offer Submission & Negotiations – We will let you know what price to offer and are expert negotiators.
  • Property Inspection Management – Busy with life? No problem! We can manage the property inspection for you.
  • Appraisal Review – Every appraiser is different, and it is possible that they may miss some things. Doug’s expert knowledge and meticulous attention to detail when walking through a home is invaluable.
  • Escrow & Closing Management – This process is extremely time-consuming and tedious, and one which requires expert knowledge. Doug will walk you through this process and be there for every step along the way answering questions and being of assistance.