Welcome to our “LA Real Estate & Interior Design Blog,” designed for anyone interested in buying, selling, or improving real estate in the Los Angeles area. Prior to starting this blog I searched the Internet for an entertaining yet informative blog about real estate in LA. To my surprise, the most densely populated area of the United States didn’t have a real estate blog that could capture my attention for more than a couple seconds. Yes, the LA Times has a decent blog which I may link to every now and then but every West LA Realtor, Santa Monica Realtor, and Marina Del Rey real estate agent has the same generic blog. If you are like me, you can only handle so much before the housing statistics, mortgage rates, and foreclosure rates drive you to start drinking.

So, I decided to start a blog that you can visit on a weekly basis for up-to-the-date information on everything real estate and interior design related in the area. Yes, we will post mortgage rates and housing statistics from time to time but you’ll also have access to a world of information on topics such as:

  • Current government tax incentives (which can save you thousands)
  • Foreclosure and REO/bank owned listings (for the investors out there)
  • Home tours and design shows (for those with an eye for detail)
  • Home improvements and remodeling (to build equity)
  • Commercial interior design ideas (to increase productivity)
  • Creating design budgets and managing construction (we’re experts at it)
  • Sustainable/green design and it’s benefits (for all you hippies)
  • Award winning architectural commercial properties and homes (with commentary from our design team)

Additionally, I will be updating this blog alongside each of our design projects. You’ll be able to tag along as our client’s space take shape from the preliminary drawings to the final walk-through of the redesigned property. Watch as our design team transforms a dreary office space into a modern, functional masterpiece. Or, join us for a visit to the Norwalk County Court House as we search through hundreds of foreclosure listings for distressed properties that can be flipped for a substantial profit. Please follow us, as we set out to become an innovator of the real estate blogosphere.

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