I am the founding partner and Chief Operating Officer for Redesign Properties, a real estate brokerage and interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California.  Why combine the services of a real estate broker and interior designer you might ask? Why not? Unless you have a custom home built from scratch, odds are that your current or future home needs some form of redesign and remodeling to satisfy your ever-changing needs and lifestyle. That’s where our real estate and design team come together to transform your vision into reality.  Whether you’re a real estate investor who’s interested in flipping a foreclosure in the Hollywood Hills or you’re a homeowner who yearns for a more modern and spacious floor plan, we’re here to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our real estate team consists of 2 licensed brokers: myself, and my business partner Douglas McFarland.  Both of us are short sale and foreclosure certified Realtors with the knowledge and tools needed to match homes with prospective buyers and investors.

California Realtorshort sale foreclosure

Douglas heads up our design team, which consists of industry leading general contractors, engineers, consultants, and specialists. Our design team adheres to a VI-phase process, which maximizes design quality and overall improvement of the property. This combined with our thorough project management, minimizes project cost, client involvement, and time to completion. So, our real estate team can find you your dream home or if you’re a little picky like us, our design team can bring your vision to life.  Now, doesn’t that sound convenient?

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